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so many keys, so little time

Managing a property or several properties at a time can be a time-consuming occupation whether you are a professional landlord or it’s your income on the side.

You’ve acquired a property and you're ready to rent it out or you've just completed a refurb and it's all done it all up.


Now you need to source tenants but where do you find them or how do you advertise your property?


Once you’ve made contact with potential tenants – when do you have time to meet this handful of tenants for viewings?


And once you’ve picked someone, who do you want references from?


What about all the paperwork that comes with moving someone into a property? A proper contract? An inventory check? Getting keys cut? Provision of legislative paperwork and providing a tenant with an EPC, the government ‘How to Rent’ guide, checking the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.


Then you need to have somewhere for the proposed tenants deposit to go, a bank account for payments and bills, the correct insurances and accreditations in place to meet with legislation. Then you need to keep on top of bills and deal with day to day admin, also source tradesmen and fix maintenance issues while bills are coming through the post for gas and electricity, broadband and council tax.


Our role encompasses every aspect of this administrative process and that's what we do at I Estate Agent. We look after the needs and requirements of all our landlords and their property portfolios and we build fantastic relationships with them as we do with our tenants too.


Allowing I Estate Agent to look after your property and the entire rental process means that you have the security of a business which runs the process all day long on a grand scale. We take away all the stresses and strains and inconveniences of day to day management of your properties so you can get on with other elements of your life.


We have all the right insurances, knowledge and smooth processes in place to see tenancies through from the advertising of a property and acquiring a tenant all the way through to the end of a tenancy and returning a deposit back to an individual. We give you a platform for the marketing of your property or HMO, access to potential tenant leads and your own employees at your beckon call to look after your needs, your property and your paperwork, providing you with a simple monthly statement to make accounting so easy. 


Think of how much of your time could be freed up. All for only 10% of your gross rent.


Ready to speak with us? Call the IEA Lettings team on 01908 787446 or email info@iestateagent.com.


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